A wonderful evening for a Sunset Cruise yacht charter this week, many thanks to our amazing guests who flew in from around the world to celebrate their friends 25th wedding anniversary in Pattaya. 18 guests boarded the yacht at Ocean Marina and we headed towards Monkey Island to begin the evenings festivities.

After dropping anchor some  of our guests enjoyed a refreshing late afternoon swim before relaxing on board and taking in the magnificent sunset. Our guests then enjoyed a buffet of freshly prepared barbecue and a host of dishes catered for by a top Pattaya restaurant. We continued the evening with a slow cruise back towards Pattaya with our guests choice of music playing in the cool evening breeze whilst everyone enjoyed their drinks, kept topped up by our attentive crew. Thanks again for choosing to cruise with us, we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Sunset Cruise by Pattaya Yacht Cruises
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